Bollgard Cotton: Improving Cotton and Lives Around the World

Celebrating Milestone Anniversaries in India and the U.S.

Fifteen years ago, Bollgard®cotton technology became the first product in the marketplace to provide built-in protection against bollworm pests. This means reduced pesticide sprays, reduced costs and increased yields for farmers.

Seven years later, Monsanto introduced Bollgard® II technology -- the second generation product -- which provides added protection against bollworms and caterpillars. With Bollgard II, farmers get better boll retention, maximum yield, reduced pesticide costs and increased protection against insect resistance.

Rapidly adopted by farmers globally, Bollgard technology has benefited more than 6 million Indian farmers, U.S. farmers and many more around the world.


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United States 

Introduced in the U.S. in 1996, Bollgard insect-protected cotton provides farmers with in-seed insect-protection against the cotton bollworm, tobacco budworm and pink bollworm.

Will Boyd, Georgia cotton farmer, talks about the improvements he’s seen on his farm since the introduction of Bollgard.



In 2002, Bollgard cotton became the first biotech crop technology approved for commercialization in India. More than 6 million farmers adopted this technology on their farms. Because of this success, in 2006, Monsanto introduced Bollgard II in the region, allowing for even more savings and increased profit potential for farmers. Read more about how Bollgard has improved the lives of Indian farmers.

Indian cotton farmers, Gurtej Singh and Udutori Omprakash Reddy, tell us about the benefits Bollgard cotton provides them and their families.


Inventing Bollgard Technology

Who is the creator behind Bollgard cotton?  David Fischhoff, Ph. D., vice president of technology strategy and development at Monsanto, had a hand in inventing insect-resistant Bollgard cotton varieties.

“To see the plants out in the field in the early field testing phases to the commercial launch was just amazing,” he said.“The differences were clear-cut, and the visual impact was incredible.” Hear the rest of Fischhoff’s story about his work on Bt technologies.