MBBISP Awardees

Below are the recipients of the 2013 Monsanto Beachell-Borlaug International Scholars Program scholarships. The winners of the scholarships from 2009-2013 can be found in the map below.  


Ignacio Ramirez (Argentina)—Identification of candidate genes for yield-related traits in bread wheat.

Ahmed Elsayed (Egypt)—Linking the genetic loci in wheat that regulate the distinct wax cuticle layers and its variable composition to improved reproductive stage heat tolerance.

Mitaly Bansal (India)— Fine mapping and identification of candidate genes for stripe and leaf rust resistance transferred from Aegilops umbellulata to bread wheat.

Philomin Juliana (India)— Determining the breeding value of CIMMYT international bread wheat nursery entries for multiple disease resistance.

Golnaz Komaei Koma (Iran)— Genetic and phenotypic exploration of Turkish and Iranian wheat landraces for heat and drought stress.

Silvano Assanga Ocheya (Kenya)— Identification of SNP markers for drought tolerance and developing drought tolerant spring wheat germplasm using marker-assisted breeding.


Sabrina Elias (Bangladesh)— Identification, characterization and validation of salt tolerance determinants in rice (Oryza sativa L. indica) landrace Horkuch and its segregating population under salinity stress.

Ana Maria Bossa Castro (Colombia)— Defeating bacterial diseases of rice: Novel resistance sources for rice crops in Africa and Latin America.

Hinda Doucoure (Mali)— Engineering broader varietal resistances tailored against local rice bacterial leaf blight epidemics.

Umair M. Aslam (Pakistan)— Molecular breeding for simultaneous improvement of drought and salinity tolerance in rice.

Juan Rosas-Caissiols (Uruguay)— Genomewide association mapping of resistance to stem and sheath diseases in elite rice breeding germplasm.

Eliana Monteverde (Uruguay)— Comparison of genetic gains obtained by genomic selection and traditional breeding rice programs.