Monsanto and GM Wheat

Monsanto has established this site as a resource for those interested in learning about ongoing developments related to the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) investigation on the reported detection of Roundup Ready Wheat by one farmer in one field in Oregon. This section provides Monsanto’s history with GM wheat; answers to questions you may have; and additional resources.

Monsanto is taking the matter seriously and is cooperating with the USDA fully. We are conducting a rigorous investigation to validate the scope of and to address any presence of a Monsanto Roundup Ready trait in wheat.


We are confident about the safety of Roundup Ready wheat and all of our products. The USDA has also underscored the Food and Drug Administration's position that there is no public health concern related to this report.

We are committed to working with the USDA, wheat growers, and other members of the wheat value chain to address the questions raised by the USDA’s recent announcement so that the U.S. wheat industry remains strong.