Glyphosate-based products are registered in more than 160 countries throughout the world. Most countries have a governmental agency that is equivalent to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, which reviews data from required studies before a registration is granted. Registration of a herbicide is not a one time event, in fact periodic reviews are required and may take years to complete. The data must meet current scientific standards. In evaluations spanning four decades, the overwhelming conclusion of experts worldwide has been that glyphosate-based Roundup® brand products, when used according to label directions, do not present an unreasonable risk of adverse effects to humans, wildlife or the environment.

Glyphosate has undergone extensive ecotoxicology testing over the last 40 years with a wide range of fauna and flora to acquire global regulatory approvals. This testing demonstrates that, at environmentally-realistic exposure levels, glyphosate does not produce acute or chronic toxicity to higher organisms including wild mammals, birds, fish, aquatic invertebrates and terrestrial invertebrates such as earthworms and honey bees.

Similarly, environmental exposures to glyphosate-based formulations, when used in accordance with label directions and at realistic levels do not cause unacceptable adverse effects to wildlife.