The Monsanto Vegetable Breeding Team

Have you ever wondered how that tomato on your burger came to be so juicy? Or why the peppers on your plate are so crisp and colorful?

Well, to find out, you have to trace back past your plate of vegetables, past the grocery store where you bought your vegetables, and past the grower who grew them. You have to go all the way back to the vegetable breeder.


Passion and innovation bring benefits to producers and consumers

When it comes to producing nutritious, tasty and attractive vegetables, our vegetable breeders bring more than just innovation to the table. They bring a deep-seated passion for their jobs and the vegetables they help produce.

To truly understand the vegetable breeders’ passion for vegetables, we put together a spotlight of the members of Monsanto’s vegetable breeding team and the products for which they are responsible. Check out the video gallery below to get a glimpse of the passion they have for the work they do.