Spotlight on DEKALB Customers

DEKALB has been helping farmers improve corn yields for 100 years. Beginning in 1912, a group of innovative farmers, bankers and county officials set out to raise the bar on corn yields. They challenged corn production practices of the time and explored not only what corn was, but what it could be. 

Nearly 100 years later, DEKALB is still focused on providing industry-leading products that farmers can be confident in planting. The commitment to innovation has continued with DEKALB products recognized for their proven performance and their strong roots, strong stalks and strong yields.

Today, farmers around the world are experiencing the benefits of DEKALB seed. See why Ervin Westphal, a farmer from Minnesota, and Gabriela "Marie" Cruz, a farmer from Portugal, are committed DEKALB customers.

One Minnesota DEKALB Dealer: Going 56 Years Strong

For more than 56 years, Ervin has sold DEKALB® seed from his seed dealership in Stewart, MN. And at 89 years old, he is still going strong. 

Today, Westphal has about 60 farmer-customers who purchase DEKALB corn seed and Asgrow soybean seed from him. He plans to sell DEKALB as long as health permits.

“There is nothing better than keeping your mind busy,” he said. “Plus, I love what I do, and my health is good as long as I’m selling the seed.”

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DEKALB Brings Value to Portuguese Farmer

Maria “Gabriela” Cruz is the third of four daughters born to Jose´ Cruz, a third-generation grain farmer in Elvas, Portugal. When Gabriela was young, a neighbor asked her father who would take over his farm because he had no boys. “One of my girls will,” he said. And that “one” was Gabriela.

“I like the daily life of a farmer,” Gabriela said. “I was educated by my parents that one must take care of its heritage.”

Gabriela has a degree in agriculture engineering and became a farmer on her family’s 100 year old farm 20 years ago.

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