Celebrating 100 Years of DEKALB

The DEKALB brand is celebrating its 100th anniversary. The famous "winged ear" logo first made its debut in 1936, appearing in an advertisement in Prairie Farmer Magazine with the slogan, "DeKalb Quality Hybrids Will Be Your Mortgage Lifter." It might have gone through some changes, but 75 years later, the DEKALB winged ear logo remains an important part of the brand.

In 1912, a group of innovative farmers, bankers and county officials set out to raise the bar on corn yields. In doing so, they founded the DEKALB brand in DeKalb, Illinois. By 1941, DeKalb Canada Limited was registered as a Candian company, and in 1961, DeKalb Mexico was formed to market hybrid grain sorghum. Just a few years later, in 1963 DeKalb Italiana, S.P.A. was organized to market seed in Italy. Then in 1965, DeKalb Argentina launched its first two flint corn hybrids after years of trials. Today, DEKALB seed is sold in more than 100 countries globally. Check out DEKALB's global footprint below.


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