U.S. 2016 Retirement Benefits

With Monsanto's Health & Insurance Benefits program, you can come to work each day knowing that "you're covered" — based on the decisions you've made. But how about five, ten, fifteen years down the road? Many people these days have a highly developed sense of personal financial responsibility. They're seizing control of their own financial futures.

Monsanto Savings & Investment Plan (401(k))

The Monsanto Company Savings and Investment Plan (SIP) provides you an opportunity to save up to 25% of your eligible pay (up to IRS annual contribution limits) in a personal savings program to which Monsanto also contributes. SIP features a tax-shelter option (commonly referred to as a 401(k) plan) which gives you significant tax advantages.

Company Matching

For every dollar you save — up to and including 8% of your eligible pay — Monsanto adds 80 cents. This is called the "Company Regular Match." We define "eligible pay" as base pay, any overtime pay, and annual cash incentive pay.

In addition to the Company Regular Match, Monsanto provides an annual age-based core retirement contribution if you are employed by the Company on the last day of the year.

Your Age at Year End Percent of All Eligible Pay
Under 35 3%
35 - 44 4%
45 - 49 5%
50 - 59 6%
60+ 7%

The Company Regular Match contribution and/or Company core retirement contribution that is contributed to your account is invested according to your investment fund elections.

Investment Choices

SIP allows you to invest among your contributions in several ways:

  • Self-directed: You create your own portfolio from a variety of funds - some conservative, some more aggressive.
  • Pre-mixed portfolios: You select one of four pre-mixed portfolios - each with a different level of estimated risk and return.
  • Target Retirement fund: You select the target date fund option that most closely matches the year in which you think you might retire - each option's asset allocation mix becomes more conservative as your chosen target date approaches.

Most new employees can join SIP immediately, provided they are at least 18 years old. Monsanto will begin Company Regular Matching contributions the day you begin making contributions. Each year of service with Monsanto earns a 20% vested right in the Company's contributions. So after five years of service, you are generally fully vested in Company contributions. And you are always fully vested in the contributions you make to SIP.

Automatic Enrollment

SIP's automatic enrollment feature provides that, if you are eligible to participate in SIP, you will automatically be enrolled approximately 45 days after your date of hire or rehire unless you have already enrolled or elected to “opt out” of automatic enrollment during this 45 day period. Once you are automatically enrolled, 5% of your eligible pay will be contributed to SIP each pay period on a before-tax basis. If you decide not to opt out of SIP and become automatically enrolled, you may change the amount you contribute at any time to better meet your needs. You may also elect to stop contributing to the Plan at any time.

After being automatically enrolled in SIP, you may change your investment election for future contributions at any time and all or a portion of your SIP balance can be transferred among the available investment options.


SIP will accept a direct rollover of eligible taxable cash lump-sum payouts or partial distributions from qualified pension and defined contribution plans of previous employers. Rollovers from conduit IRAs will also be accepted.

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WealthGard Financial Planning Program (US)

Under this program, all benefits-eligible employees have unlimited access to Ernst & Young Financial Education and Counseling professionals, financial planning tools and other resources, including a variety of financial education workshops. As an employee, there is no cost to you. The cost for this program is paid for entirely by Monsanto.

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